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The Aquatigro growing system consists of:

Aquatigro’s commercial vertical farm growing system starts with advanced LED grow lights and nutrient, seeds selected and tested for hydroponics, germination using Aquatigro Grow Cubes and substrate for leafy green veggies, culinary herbs and vine crops. The high yielding, efficient growing system is designed for easy harvesting of typical high value crops like basil, kale, gai lan, pea shoots, butterhead lettuce and microgreens, resulting in fresh produce with exceptional taste and color.

 Aquatigro’s vertical farming will produce extremely fast growing high density microgreens, gourmet lettuce, and wheat grass germinated using specifically designed substrate to increase growth rate. Aquatigro vertical farming technology is designed to maximize harvestability with reduced labor costs and will produce cost effective, high yielding fresh produce.

For more information on Aquatigro Products, contact Pond Pro Canada at 855-325-7377, or sales@pondpro.ca

 Low Operator Skills

 Fully Automated Operation

 Expandable to Suit Any Market Size

 LED Lighting – Programmed Wavelength Control

 CO² Enrichment option for Maximum Crop Performance

 Designed for growing Ready to Harvest Crops or Vegetable

Aquatigro System