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Aquatigro™ LED - Designed and tested in Canada, our technology engineers understand the necessities of horticulture to maximize plant growth from germination to harvest. The Aquatigro™ LED Commercial Grower LED module is an innovative solution designed for the emerging urban vertical farms markets, traditional greenhouses, and the new ventures in medical marijuana.

Aquatigro™ LED grow lights are designed to provide the right light spectrum for richer, healthier yields from germination to harvest.

The Aquatigro™ advanced LED technology is energy saving with very low radiant heat generation, allowing the LED fixtures to be situated in close proximity to the plants. Using the strength of innovation we optimize the LED spectrum, intensity, and beam angle to maximize efficiency and growth rate. With high moisture protection rating of IP67 and a 50,000 hour lifespan expectancy, Aquatigro™ LED Commercial Grower module ensures positive growing results and increased return on investment (ROI).

The LED terms often used for grow lights are Near Red, Far Red, and Blue spectrums.  The right LED spectrum and the right LED intensity (watts) of light does make all the difference. By using LED as light sources, specific wavelength can be adjusted, power efficiency can be increased, and plant growth can be improved.


Aquatigro Hydroponic Monitoring System for hands on grower monitoring of water temperature, pH, and to monitor cost effective nutrient uptake by the plants