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 Aquatigro Trays: Advanced Growing Environment for Cuttings  and Seed Germination

 Pre-filled ready-to-use germination trays will increase seeding efficiency.

 Aquatigro Trays consist of stabilized plugs made of peat, other organics and  a foam binder. The plugs’ consistent moisture control and high aeration  reduce rooting times which means a faster crop turnaround for you! This  ready-to-use system increases the efficiency of your hydroponic crop  seeding by allowing for earlier transplanting, better crop timing and potential  full automation.  Benefits for Plants  Improved aeration.  pH  balanced    Higher water holding capacity and even dry down

 Aquatigro™ BioStrate™, manufactured in the USA, and  designed for hydroponic microgreen, salad green and wheatgrass  production.

This lightweight biobased textile absorbs and retains water while providing  an inert environment for dense healthy root development. BioStrate™ is  compostable*. However, it will maintain its structural integrity for the life of  your product and won’t clog filters. 

 Benefits for Plants  Holds the optimal amount of water,  Roots are  stabilized’ pH balanced

 Benefits for Growers

 Ready to plant, no pretreatment required

 Custom widths available


 Easy to use

 Custom widths available

  Aquatigro Rooting Plugs, with sponge-peat technology  using a blend of high quality peat and other organics with a  hydrophilic foam binder. The proprietary manufacturing technology  result is a stabilized growing media that produces faster rooting  for cuttings and seedlings by providing superior aeration and water  retention. Available in pre-loaded grow trays.